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    Sam Palladio - Shop Session: I BELIEVE IN NASHVILLE Anniversary Ed.

    A few weeks back we had an event to commemorate the past 5 years in Nashville, which for us means the past 5 years since I put up the first I BELIEVE IN NASHVILLE mural.

    I didn’t want to throw a huge block party, but I wanted to do something to show our appreciation for all the love and appreciation we’ve been shown. So we decided to do a low key gathering, invite our friends Nashville Smile Bar to take your photo for you, and asked our good friend Sam Palladio to stop by and play us a few songs as a special surprise for those who showed up... Click here to continue reading!

    I BELIEVE IN NASHVILLE anniversary event rescheduled + mural time-lapse

    Click Here to watch time-lapse of the mural getting repainted

    Thank you so much for your patience, we’ve rescheduled the anniversary event for Saturday, April 8th, 2-4p! 

    Nashville Smile Bar will be there with their photo booth setup, and our special musical guest has been awesome and rescheduled to be there too! With this event the goal was to celebrate what a unique and interesting time the past five years have been in Nashville... Click here to keep reading and see the time-lapse

    We’re also really excited to announce a special anniversary collaboration with Frothy Monkey! A special limited edition I BELIEVE IN NASHVILLE roast will soon be available at Frothy on 12th and Frothy Downtown, with a portion of proceeds going to the Nashville Rescue Mission! It is a limited edition, so don’t sleep on it!